Two Tears and a few tears

I’m down for the count…again… Does anyone else feels as though they are perpetually “recovering”?? When I got sick last year, I thought that it was the worst things could ever be. Trying to relearn how to balance my body and work through the constant vertigo but I was wrong. With that experience, I may […]

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A little sappy introspection

Brace yourself…sappy reflective post ahead… I was starting my run this evening feeling somewhat less than motivated but as soon as my feet hit the treadmill (aided by some good tunes in my ear) I found myself instantly in the zone. I wanted my legs to work a little better than I knew they would […]

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Finding the Podium!

Well, kind of. There have been a few winter races this year and that’s a big step for me. I’ve never enjoyed running outside in the winter.  Actually, if we are being perfectly honest, I’ve never really tried.  But this year, my friend played to ego and convinced me to do an 8k run along […]

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Run-streaking, that is. Sorry for getting your hopes up (or, perhaps, terrifying you). I have been trying to complete a 30 day running streak. For many, 30 days of running every day isn’t very long so this personal challenge may seem somewhat insignificant, but for me 30 days, every day, is tough. I’m a teacher […]


Season’s Endings

It’s been quite a season and with two 10k runs left it’s not quite over. However, triathlon season has ended and what an adventure it has been. I have been waiting to do my post-season reflection until my aunt sent me my favorite photo so now it’s time. HECLA Triathlon All kinds of crazy and […]

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You know what that sound is? It’s me hitting the wall. And not the cool “Game of Thrones” wall where the Watch is on duty and I might get to chase after Jon Snow, but the one that hurts a lot more: the training wall. THUD. Theeeeere it is. The moment where any sort of […]

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It’s not about ego. Or is it? 

The Gazelle is training hard and progressing beautifully. Every session is a magical moment of improvement. I’m proud of her. She had a rough season last year and she is the queen of the comeback.  There’s just one problem… I suck.  Now, I don’t mean that literally. I’ve got some solid races under my belt […]

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The Spaces Between Us

I have a race tomorrow. And I also have a friend’s birthday tonight. I will likely go for a little while, making sure I’m in bed early so I can be ready for the first sprint triathlon since I got sick/was hospitalized in October.  Now, I’m 99% sure that I will be fine and even […]

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