I am…

I am a triathlete…

there’s a sentence I never thought I would say. I’ve collected a lot of titles over the years: teacher, actor, dancer, wife, closet chef…someone once called me a “runner” and I thought that was weird. None, though, have sounded as strange to me as “triathlete”. I’m not sure if that title is totally deserved at this point because I’ve really only done a try-a-try and am in the process of getting ready for a sprint distance in August but I’m going to claim it anyways.

I’ve decided to blog for one reason only… ok. two reasons: 1) because I’m sure people are tired of me clogging up my facebook with constant triathlon stuff and 2) because really, if I can get through this ANYONE can.  I have never in my life considered myself athletic. I am the person who cowers in team sports. Sure, I was a non-competitive rhythmic gymnast while I was growing up but I never considered myself athletic. Athletes were those people I didn’t talk much to in high school and who totally intimidated me for most of my life. Turns out I might just be one of them.

So, how did I get here??

I have no idea!!!

I started running in my late 20s because I had put on weight and a lot of it. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin and running just seemed to be the way to deal with that. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. Not that I was necessarily good at it at first, and definitely now there are still days when I’m not good at it, but there’s something about it that just makes me feel good after. Not going to lie– there are days where I hate every minute of it until it’s over but by the end, I appreciate my run.

My family has a cottage in Clear Lake (Wasagaming), Manitoba and I often catch glimpses of the annual triathlon. My cousin and his wife were big in to running and Iron Man events and so  I would hear about their stuff a bit but never ever ever ever considered attempting it (who? me? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA). Then, one day, a few years ago, I watched a few of the athletes go by and I thought… I could do that. And then I didn’t. And then again I had the same thought. And then I didn’t. And then my aunt dared me to do it….and I didn’t.  And finally, last summer I watched the kids go by for the “Kids of Steel” event and that was it. Of course I could do it!!  I had no idea what I was getting myself in to and better yet –I took down my best friend Sandra with me!! MUAHHAHAHAHA!! Now I had someone who could keep me on track and that was as crazy as I was! And that’s kind of how I ended up here. I’ve done the smallest version. I’m a faker of a triathlete but a faker who still got off my ass and did it! Next journey..the sprint.


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