The finish line

 The triathlon happened a few days ago. I decided to take a little time to reflect before posting about the experience. Now that I’ve had a little time…. My experience: Awesome!! It started off a little iffy with some crazy thunderstorm that left everyone standing in the rain and soaking.  The skies just opened up […]

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Tri for someone?

So, apparently I’m doing this race thing wrong as I learned last night while talking to my aunt. When I decided to do this it was because I wanted to challenge myself. Ok, that’s a lie– I didn’t really think about a reason, I just decided to do it. Later, it became about the challenge […]

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Pre-race rituals

It’s only a week before the triathlon and strangely I haven’t started to panic yet. I’m sure that will change soon enough. A chair full of laundry tipped over on my foot  today and caused an instant bruise and a distinct hobble that has yet to subside. That will certainly cause panic if it doesn’t […]

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The Frustration Effect

Brought on by serious sleep deprivation and functioning on about an hour and a half sleep, I spent a good deal of today’s training session feeling rather sorry for myself. Just after the 10km turn around, I looked at my time. I was slower than usual, slower than I wanted to be. I decided that […]

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