New Year, New Goals?


Yes, it’s formatted as a question. I know a lot of people who start of the New Year with a fresh set of goals and training plans and others who just plan to stick with the “same old”. Me, I find myself somewhere in the middle.

Last year brought some really great successes. 4th woman in the try-a-tri, 3rd in my age category in my first sprint tri, and I also took on my first 10k run where I also finished 3rd. Talk about beginner’s luck and setting the bar a little high.  I’m very proud of those accomplishments but they make

Moment of pride when my 10k medal came


me wonder if my goal for this year should be not to expect too much of myself.  I have pulled off some pretty impressive finishes for a beginner and I hope I can cope with the disappointment if I’m not able to do the same thing during this season.

So, what are my actual goals in 2016?  Keep the successes coming? Be ok with the disappointment if they don’t? I think it’s both. Keep working hard and pushing hard. Get stronger and faster. Maybe get rid of the “Holiday bloat” (mmmm….Christmas eating).  I’d like to get my average 5k to 25 mins or under (I average about 27 right now on the treadmill) and keep improving on my cycling (which is definitely my weak link). I tend to be very hard on myself and I have very high expectations of myself so I think I should also set the goal of being proud no matter what the final results of a race.  Speaking of races, I think I’d like to take on a few more. Maybe 3 triathlons and, maybe an extra run or two depending on scheduling. My need to take on too much may hamper that goal but I can still aim to meet it.

AND– I think this year, I’d like to travel somewhere fun for a race. I’m not ready to travel too far for a triathlon yet, but maybe a 10k….maybe drag a friend or two along with me…

Setbacks…time to deal..

I have suffered a few set backs in the last few months. I actually did the 10k run with a torn hamstring (didn’t know it was torn until 2 days later). Healing time and physio definitely took me out of the game for a while.setback And then, I burnt out. I have been cast in a theatre production (which is my first love) and I am so excited to be a part of it!  But, I tend push myself too hard. I pushed to workout at a heavier pace, I pushed to keep up with the demands of work and rehearsals.  And I pushed myself to the point of illness. I lost my voice, I lost my energy and I lost my ability to continue training. I visited the doctor and there were some concerns that I may be developing Lupus. The good news is, that my doctor thinks that, at least for now, this isn’t the case. However, one of the markers was positive and so we will be monitoring. For now, my plan, is to keep myself as healthy as possible while we determine if my setback was merely burnout or a virus or something bigger going on.

So now what?

Well, the holidays are basically done. And I’m done with falling off the wagon. So, now what? I get myself back on track, that’s what!! I’ve set a calendar for workouts and man

New Brick training format. Definitely ran out of steam by the end!! Not really my fastest times overall anyway, but the goal became “not dying”/

aged to stick to the first 3 days. And yes, the first 3 days is easy to get through but truthfully, I feel so yucky when I’m not training that I’m excited to get through the rest of the days. I’m a little uncertain about the ability to balance everything over the next 6 weeks while the rehearsals and show are at their highest demands, but because I feel so much better while training, I’m really going to do my best to stick to it.

So… friends, triathletes, fellow workout nerds… what are you goals? Did you make any?




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