An Inconvenient Injury

Injuries always come at inconvenient times. It’s a known fact.

I’m in pain. I’m frustrated. It’s slowing me down and making me cranky. And the worst part? I don’t even get a good story out of it. I mean, if you are going to hurt yourself, you should at LEAST get a good tale to tell. Not for me. I’ve got a neck injury and not even a good one (if there is such a thing).

I have no tales of crashes, no dramatic falls, no “you should see the other guy”… not even a tale of “I wiped out on the ice and it was hilarious.” Nope. My injury story sucks. I turned my head. That’s it. That’s all I did. I TURNED MY FREAKING HEAD. Now, it was during a dance rehearsal and my injury did manage to silence a room full of grade 7/8 students but in the grand scheme of things: LAME!

It goes like this: last 5 minutes of rehearsal. I’m working with the boys on some break dance footwork that ends with a look to the right. I look…and POP! Immediate pain and everything goes black for a couple of seconds.  And then I start shaking and my eyes water and I do my best to convince my students that I am “a-ok.” Despite my best efforts to keep going, I’m shaking and in shock and inevitably get sent home. Off to the hospital for me.  And while you do get in VERY quickly when you go in with a neck trauma, in the end, the assessment was “We don’t know what happened. Probably soft tissue. It will be fine in a couple days.” Helpful. And wrong. It happened Thursday. It’s Tuesday. And I still freaking hurt.

Yesterday was the first day that I really tested the theory. I had 3 dance classes, two rehearsals for my auditioned group, plus a dress rehearsal for the production I’m in and I snuck in a quick strength training session in the morning. Such a bad idea. By the time we were running the show, I was trying everything in my power to just keep it together!! Oh the burning pain and the spasms. OUCH!!!


Icing my neck after trying to dance
I know that rest is important but I find it hard to take time off while I’m injured. I hate being injured!! I still want to workout, train, get stronger (get bikini ready because we have a vacation soon). I really hate not being able to just do what I want to do.

To be honest, I don’t really have anything productive to say…I just wanted to rant and feel a little sorry for myself.  Pouty rant over.




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