Seeking advice 

I’m stuck. 

I mean– I’m stuck. For the last few years my world has happily involved running and for the last two triathlon training has reigned.  

I’m finding though- that my motivation is failing. Perhaps it was the serious illness that derailed it– I’ve never been able to get back on track since– perhaps it’s something else. I don’t know.

What I know is this: 

I fell in love with running. Then I fell in love with being a tri-girl. Last year, my half marathon goal was front and centre. My body was a machine. I craved the endorphins of a good run, cycle or swim. 

And now I’m lost. 

My body is not the same. I don’t feel like a “machine”. My mind feels weak.  Vestibular Neuronitis derailed me and I just can’t find the passion. I WANT to do my best, I want to compete and keep bettering my times but I’m struggling to move forward.  My half marathon is approaching and I can’t get one foot in front of the other. 

I would love to hear your suggestions. Perhaps to talk. 

How do I fall in love again ? 


6 thoughts on “Seeking advice 

  1. I’ll try to put myself in your shoes and answer that. I’m no expert but being a human, just let me try.

    1) Running with folks really help me. Training with them (coaching them a bit) keeps me motivated at times. It can also be related to having a rival on the other hand.

    2) I find my motivation in beating the best out of me and I apply my running “lessons” in my real life. Endurance running leaves me with “you can do it, you can push it” kind of feeling and this is what has helped me a lot in my daily life in many aspects.

    3) Find your motivation. Could it be be inner self-pleasure or outer show-off? Sometimes, we do it for someone. People do it for their loved ones, their gods, their bodies, their spirits. You need to question it. Don’t just run without enjoying it. I sometimes run just to get a good fruit (I love pineapples), I tell myself that I do need to deserve that fruit, anyone can buy it, but the one who works hard to get it will get the best taste out of it. It’s just a theory of mine but I’ve had a feeling of self accomplishment with this.

    I hope I could help you. Keep yourself in there. Hang in there my friend, please 🙂


    1. I’m a total show off lol and I love the feeling of finishing a run. I just can’t get started on a regular basis since getting sick in October. For weeks-months, even -all I wanted to do was run but I would literally fall over when I tried. I just can’t seem to get back on track.
      You’ve offered some good advice. I’m going to read it a few times and really think about your suggestions.


      1. Can I have your email address? There was an article on how to get back to running from an injury in this month’s runner’s world. I can send you that, maybe that could help you. It’s tricky to be you at this moment. I could feel you, I also had an injury before and getting back on the track (mentally and physically) was a lot of pressure.

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      2. Not a problem. I also reread articles sometimes and I pick up some more points. I’ll send you when I get back home.
        In the meantime, don’t panic, I know you’ll get back to what you want because this is what you’ve considered yourself to be. Aren’t you a triathlete? It’s also about your identity now 🙂 But go there slowly, I know it would be tempting to JUST GO FOR IT, but hold on to this feeling, it would help.

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