Run-streaking, that is. Sorry for getting your hopes up (or, perhaps, terrifying you). I have been trying to complete a 30 day running streak. For many, 30 days of running every day isn’t very long so this personal challenge may seem somewhat insignificant, but for me 30 days, every day, is tough. I’m a teacher – a dance educator, actually- so I am fairly active throughout the day. It’s a real effort some days when my body is tired an aching from tormenting my students to come home and train. So I decided to force myself, to give myself a reason to get off my lazy butt that would much rather sit on the couch drinking wine and cuddling my dogs.

So, here I am, at the half way point. Working my way on the downhill side and here’s where things are at.

Let’s start with the basics:

The “Commandments”

  • Thou shalt run every day
  • Thou shalt run a minimum of 15 minutes every day
    • I figured 10 minutes was just too damned short, I mean even 15 is pretty short but when you’ve already danced for 3 hours in the day, a 15 minute run takes a heck of a lot of effort. I needed a “bailout” point that still made me work at least a little and also didn’t incur the wrath of my athletic therapist who is constantly scolding me for pushing too hard.
  • That shalt not worry about distances/speeds throughout the process
    • This is proving next to impossible, despite my best efforts. The Gazelle gets a daily text with me complaining that my Garmin foot pod is suddenly registering a slower (this is what I tell myself anyway)
  • Thou shalt award thyself with a trip to Thermea at the end of the 30 days.
    • This is the only thing keeping me from saying “Screw it!” and laying on the couch with wine and puppies.

The “Why”

  • I got instantly lazy after the redemption 10k. The couch won the battle for nearly 2 weeks before I even bothered to lift a foot
  • I needed a challenge that wasn’t about beating a time, distance, The Gazelle or trying to keep up with her husband
  • I want my pants to fit despite my incredible love of fried food and chocolate, plus we have an upcoming vacation that requires bathing suits
  • I need to learn to listen to my body and let it just be OK to be a little slower/shorter/less awesome on my run
  • Why not?


Here are my thoughts so far:

Let’s start with the “bad” and just get that out of the way.

  • My legs hurt. They are tired. My right hamstring hates me.
  • It’s really hard to WANT to run every day, especially when I haven’t slept well or work makes me want to eat my body weight in poutine.
  • Laundry. Oh…so very much laundry
  • I totally bail at 3km (about 15 minutes) more often than I should.


The Good so far:

  • My pants fit even with the influx of leftover Halloween candy and the daily dose of “breakfast chocolate”
  • I actually want wine LESS – I even turned it down one evening. I know this makes me sound like an alcoholic but a glass of wine is often part of our dinner/evening routine and with running, I want water more than anything.
  • I’m choosing better foods the longer this goes on. This isn’t an intentional thing and also has to do with the giant box of tomatoes, 12 pumpkins, mountain of carrots, full bag of fresh garlic, etc that we were given. There’s a lot of clean eating in my house and I’m feeling pretty good
    • **except for the one day were I pretty much wanted to eat everything and anything. I probably would have eaten you if you were nearby. I was RUNGRY in ways I’d never been rungry!**
  • I am learning to back off when things are sore or tired. That’s a big challenge for me. It makes me feel less bad about the early bail outs because I justify it as “I’m learning not to push until I injure myself”
  • My dog, Maddy, runs right after me. She loves the treadmill so her short little Puggle legs get a workout after I’m done. It’s a little extra bonding time for just me and her while her two puppy-siblings watch.
    • this is less cute/fun when she tries to jump on while I’ve got the treadmill going at a speed of 7.2)
  • My body responds really well to running and there are noticeable (to me) changes in just 15 days. I feel more comfortable, confident and strong that I did before. I’m excited to take a mid-way point photo tomorrow morning and to take an end of the running streak photo in 2 weeks.


I will save my “would I recommend this” decision until I’m done because there are still 2 weeks to go but so far, I’m really proud of this process and my ability to stick to it. Only 15 runs left to go until I head to the wonderful relaxation of Thermea.






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