Two Tears and a few tears

I’m down for the count…again… Does anyone else feels as though they are perpetually “recovering”?? When I got sick last year, I thought that it was the worst things could ever be. Trying to relearn how to balance my body and work through the constant vertigo but I was wrong. With that experience, I may […]

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A little sappy introspection

Brace yourself…sappy reflective post ahead… I was starting my run this evening feeling somewhat less than motivated but as soon as my feet hit the treadmill (aided by some good tunes in my ear) I found myself instantly in the zone. I wanted my legs to work a little better than I knew they would […]

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The Spaces Between Us

I have a race tomorrow. And I also have a friend’s birthday tonight. I will likely go for a little while, making sure I’m in bed early so I can be ready for the first sprint triathlon since I got sick/was hospitalized in October.  Now, I’m 99% sure that I will be fine and even […]

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Maybe more than half crazy

My athletic therapist and I had a visit today. I was in pain. My hips were killing me and my knee started to hurt so much that I tapped out during a run (which I never do). She treated my injuries and we talked about my illness in October.  Suddenly it all made sense. My […]

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Continuing the battle

I got sick in October. It’s now almost Christmas and I’m still dealing with the effects. What a struggle it is to try to get back on track.  I still have bad days with the vertigo and the other things that came along with the virus (the confusion, anxiety and depression) still linger at times. For […]

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Health and heartbreak 

My body failed me.  And it failed me in ways I couldn’t even have imagined. It wasn’t an injury that took me down, it was my health. The day of my last planned 10k race of the season I was hospitalized and never got to run.  It has been a frustrating and awful few weeks. […]

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The Dance 

Ever feel like “it’s just not my season”?  I’m feeling a bit that way today. My legs are on fire all the time, I’m not powering through the hills like I managed to be able to do last year and I feel like I’m not managing to get any faster. Maybe it’s just not my […]

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A Weighty Topic

This year has been a variety of struggles -injuries, hectic schedules, etc but the most frustrating one has been weight gain. I know that any friends who know me will start rolling their eyes here because I’m still not exactly the biggest person in the world. My current weight, although desirable to many, is one […]

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Half Marathon!

Yesterday, I ran my first half marathon. What a crazy experience that was! I’m super proud of the fact that I did it but it made me question my sanity a little!  For days leading up to it I was panicking and having nightmares that I couldn’t do it. I figured there was no way […]

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