Run-streaking, that is. Sorry for getting your hopes up (or, perhaps, terrifying you). I have been trying to complete a 30 day running streak. For many, 30 days of running every day isn’t very long so this personal challenge may seem somewhat insignificant, but for me 30 days, every day, is tough. I’m a teacher […]



You know what that sound is? It’s me hitting the wall. And not the cool “Game of Thrones” wall where the Watch is on duty and I might get to chase after Jon Snow, but the one that hurts a lot more: the training wall. THUD. Theeeeere it is. The moment where any sort of […]

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It’s not about ego. Or is it? 

The Gazelle is training hard and progressing beautifully. Every session is a magical moment of improvement. I’m proud of her. She had a rough season last year and she is the queen of the comeback.  There’s just one problem… I suck.  Now, I don’t mean that literally. I’ve got some solid races under my belt […]

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Maybe more than half crazy

My athletic therapist and I had a visit today. I was in pain. My hips were killing me and my knee started to hurt so much that I tapped out during a run (which I never do). She treated my injuries and we talked about my illness in October.  Suddenly it all made sense. My […]

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Set back again

So, wonderful, amazing, high-inducing run and then…crutches. Damn.  I blame the ice in my driveway and the spectacular fall I took. Spectacular because I managed to save my coffee, less than spectacular because, well, crutches. I tried to tough it out and carry on but by the next day I couldn’t handle it. Too bad […]

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Back in the saddle

It’s been a while. I’ve been slacking. I wish I had a good reason but the truth is, I don’t. The things that took up my time for training are done and have been for a couple weeks but I just didn’t get back to training.     Part of me has been a little depressed […]

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New Year, New Goals?

Goals? Yes, it’s formatted as a question. I know a lot of people who start of the New Year with a fresh set of goals and training plans and others who just plan to stick with the “same old”. Me, I find myself somewhere in the middle. Last year brought some really great successes. 4th […]

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