Finding the Podium!

Well, kind of. There have been a few winter races this year and that’s a big step for me. I’ve never enjoyed running outside in the winter.  Actually, if we are being perfectly honest, I’ve never really tried.  But this year, my friend played to ego and convinced me to do an 8k run along […]

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Run-streaking, that is. Sorry for getting your hopes up (or, perhaps, terrifying you). I have been trying to complete a 30 day running streak. For many, 30 days of running every day isn’t very long so this personal challenge may seem somewhat insignificant, but for me 30 days, every day, is tough. I’m a teacher […]



You know what that sound is? It’s me hitting the wall. And not the cool “Game of Thrones” wall where the Watch is on duty and I might get to chase after Jon Snow, but the one that hurts a lot more: the training wall. THUD. Theeeeere it is. The moment where any sort of […]

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Seeking advice 

I’m stuck.  I mean– I’m stuck. For the last few years my world has happily involved running and for the last two triathlon training has reigned.   I’m finding though- that my motivation is failing. Perhaps it was the serious illness that derailed it– I’ve never been able to get back on track since– perhaps […]

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Continuing the battle

I got sick in October. It’s now almost Christmas and I’m still dealing with the effects. What a struggle it is to try to get back on track.  I still have bad days with the vertigo and the other things that came along with the virus (the confusion, anxiety and depression) still linger at times. For […]

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Health and heartbreak 

My body failed me.  And it failed me in ways I couldn’t even have imagined. It wasn’t an injury that took me down, it was my health. The day of my last planned 10k race of the season I was hospitalized and never got to run.  It has been a frustrating and awful few weeks. […]

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Kenora Krazy

Last weekend was the Kenora Borealis triathlon. I have never been so happy to be a sprint distance athlete.  THAT HILL! But we will get to that… Here’s the break down of how things went: The night before…. my friend Sandra comes out to the cabin so we can go together for the race. We […]

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The Disastrous Race

There’s always one. Sometimes you see it coming, and sometimes it just sneaks up on you when you’re not looking…the race from HELL. In the style of Sophia from Golden Girls….”picture it, Birds Hill Park, Manitoba, June 12, 2016……” It was a cold, rainy and miserable day. Not what one would expect in June. A […]

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Half Marathon!

Yesterday, I ran my first half marathon. What a crazy experience that was! I’m super proud of the fact that I did it but it made me question my sanity a little!  For days leading up to it I was panicking and having nightmares that I couldn’t do it. I figured there was no way […]

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